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If you are struggling with a barrier in learning, then we have an ideal solution for you. We have the best tutors in Sha Tin and all other parts of Hong Kong. Whether you are looking for an online or private tutoring session, our tutors offer concept-based learning experiences to make learning fun and easy for you. Find below the profile of our expert tutors in Sha Tin and hire the one you like.

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Ameer-Un-Nisa Hameed
Ameer-Un-Nisa Hameed
Female 34 Years
10 years of teaching
Expert in Math, Dept : Dept of Math.
Qualification : Software Engineering

Software Engineering


Highly motivated and challenge-oriented person and teaching ICT, English, and Math to IGCSE and AS Levels for the past ten years. I am committed to excellence and have strong written and oral communication skills, organization, prioritizing, and multi-tasking to complete tasks.

Tutoring Approach

I use interactive teaching methods to enhance learning skills and positive behavior strategies to maintain effective behavior management during lectures. My tutoring approach is planning, preparing, and delivering lessons to provide students with the opportunity to achieve their potential. I monitor the progress of students and set new targets for them. Other than this, I also provide high-quality advice to students in choosing university courses.


My scores incredibly improved, she is a great help,

Nasir Ali

I want to thank you for the English language classes; I enjoyed learning from you and discussing new topics. My English has also improved. And I would recommend you to anyone looking for an online tutor to improve their English.


Without her help, I would not be able to know my strengths and weaknesses. She is very engaging, patient, and confident in everything; she worked on my academic growth and personal skills. I feel more confident and motivated now.

Jack Gemayel
Jack Gemayel
Male 31 Years
6 years of teaching
Expert in Biology, Dept : Dept of Biology.
Qualification : MS Molecular Biology

MS Molecular Biology


I have done Masters in Molecular Biology and BS in Biochemistry and Clinical Laboratory Sciences, and I have 4 years of teaching experience with outstanding results and performance. My expertise is in breaking down all topics into chunks for a better and clear understanding of students.

Tutoring Approach

My lessons involve lots of talking, activities, asking questions, and notes. I prepare my lectures before joining the sessions and boost students’ confidence by sharing their weekly performance with them and their parents. My tutoring approach is teaching both subject material and exam techniques for helping the student achieve their academic goals. I also take announced and unannounced tests during sessions.


Jack was accommodating. His exam technique and feedback were beneficial for my Chemistry exam, and I passed with an A. All thanks to him!


My daughter felt at ease for her final exam after taking a few sessions with Jack. Thank you for managing your time and helping my child at very short notice. You are an organized and brilliant tutor, and I would recommend you to all Biology students.


All sessions were very helpful, detailed, and clear to me. Highly recommended.

Amer Kojak
Amer Kojak
Male 32 Years
5 years of teaching
Expert in Economics, Dept : Dept of Economics.
Qualification : PhD in Finance

PhD in Finance


I have worked as a private tutor for college students for 5 years and gave many lectures as a Guest Lecturer on Accounting, Finance, Investment, Banking, Economics, Management, Business Administration, and Marketing at the Universities of Damascus.

Tutoring Approach

Initially, I talk to my students or their guardians, discuss their major difficulties, and know where they need extra help. It’s my private and online tutoring approach. Then I prepare to study or lesson plans for students that cover all the material in-depth, and I make sure that my students score 100% in exams. I use advanced strategies and digital methods to teach my students.


Amer understood what I needed and explained everything quite efficiently.


I made quick progress with Amer, and I will book his sessions in my next year too. Highly recommended because of his teaching style and skills.

Rick Adams

We have practiced a lot during sessions, and I learned everything by heart. He never minds questions during lectures. Very patient and experienced Finance tutor I have ever had and highly recommended from my side.

Kelly-Lei Lowry
Kelly-Lei Lowry
Female 35 Years
3 years of teaching
Expert in English, Dept : Dept of English.
Qualification : Post Primary Masters of Education (PPME)

Post Primary Masters of Education (PPME)


A young, enthusiastic, energetic teacher and lover of English and Geography subjects. I have a strong, reliable and committed work ethic and am willing to participate in the tutoring industry. My expertise is in both in-person and online teaching.

Tutoring Approach

I don’t read from books; I teach. First, I discover my students’ learning caliber and style, and then tailor my teaching method that will suit them. I design lesson plans and take assessments weekly. My tutoring approach polishes students’ skills and encourages them to do great in academics and daily life.


Kelly-Lei lessons were fun and easy to understand. She is an excellent teacher and immensely helped me both academically and daily life grooming. I highly recommend her.


Kelly-Lei makes the lectures fun and yet filled with so much content and information. I had amazing progress, and I definitely recommend her.


She asked about my queries and then planned all lessons accordingly. I joined her in my third level of degree, and she taught me all the exam requirements. Kelly-Lei always responds within time and is ready to help. Such a nice person!

Sam Wen
Sam Wen
Male 24 Years
2 years of teaching
Expert in Chemistry, Dept : Dept of Chemistry.
Qualification : BS biotechnology

BS biotechnology


I have been teaching students belonging from different academic backgrounds. The students I teach biology study different curriculums, including IB, IGCSE, O- A levels,  and local Hong Kong-based curriculums. I am also working as a research assistant at a science lab at my university. I offer after-school tutoring sessions to all grades of students.

Tutoring Approach

Chemistry topics can be hard to understand without proper graphic representation. I help my students understand better through graphic presentations on PowerPoint, creatively made notes, and interactive discussion sessions during the learning time. I focus more on a student's interest level and how they want to learn rather than simply finishing off the syllabus.


He is very helpful in explaining each topic to me very clearly. Her way of presenting the lecture is very engaging and keeps my interest level up.


His way of teaching is very good and his fee is affordable too. He made me have full participation in the lecture when he taught


I was facing a challenging time while learning biochemistry but he made it easy and fun to learn for me. Highly recommended.

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