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Maths can be intimidating, but it is a part of every student’s life. We understand being scared of Maths and feeling anxious the night before an important exam. What if we tell you that Maths can become as easy as Arts? Sounds exciting, right? MTS offers both home tutoring and online tutoring services in Maths.

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Moreover, you can also book a tutor for math and schedule your classes at your own pace and time. Below are the profiles of our highly professional Maths tutors based in Hong Kong. Select any from our best tutors and start learning.

How can I get a math tutor?

Before finding a math tutor, choose the type of tutoring service you want. It could be an online service or in-person. To encourage your independent learning and score high, you must find a tutor with a mathematical educational background and tutoring experience—one who helps you ace math exams and master its techniques.

MTS tutoring service pairs you with the best math tutor in Hong Kong to make sure that you get to experience the most incredible private tutoring in Hong Kong. You can browse through our plethora of online tutors and find the tutor who matches your particular preferences and needs.

What should I do for my first tutoring session?

If you are going to meet your tutor for the very first time, then go well-prepared. Make a list of questions to determine if the tutor can meet your subjects’ needs or expectations. Introduce yourself and try to get to know them and their teaching methodologies.
Share the topics or problems with the tutor where you struggle the most. Ask questions and get into the details. Moreover, at the end of the session, share your feedback and ask for theirs’ too. If you want any change, discuss with them.

Shift to another tutor if you are not fully satisfied. Don’t compromise over your studies. Remember, you are taking extra help after school to improve your learning, not to struggle more. While keeping such circumstances in mind, MTS gives you the flexibility of Free Trials. You can have trial sessions with different math tutors for free to pick the one you are more satisfied and comfortable with.

How long should a tutoring session last?

The time of tutoring sessions varies from student to student and sometimes from tutor to tutor. Realistically, a tutoring session shouldn’t be too long or too short, and a session of 45 to 120 minutes is perfectly fine. Moreover, the days of tutoring sessions also differ. Some students need to take math sessions daily to understand concepts better, while others take them on weekends only. So, it depends!

Why should I hire MTS Math tutors?

All MTS instructors and math tutors go through a rigorous and intensive vetting process to make sure that we only end up with the best of the best teachers. At My Tutor source (MTS), we strive every second to facilitate outstanding teaching for students. Offering the best possible educational experience is at the forefront of our work, and to achieve that, we recruit incredible tutors.

Every IB math tutor in Hong Kong at MTS works to activate students’ natural inquiry and curiosity and build confidence and mastery of diverse academic topics in them. Get support in A level, Higher Level, IB, IGCSE, and GCSE Maths.

Furthermore, MTS gives you the flexibility of taking your sessions any time of the day and anywhere. So, without worrying about your schedule and availability, hire any tutor of your choice and get ready to master mathematical skills.

How to book a session with MTS Math tutors?

Click here to book a Free Trial with a Math tutor. Our team takes the responsibility of pairing you with the best tutor that matches your academic requirements or needs.

The teachers at MTS believe in building a solid and sturdy foundation of knowledge and confidence via private tuition that students can carry forward.

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