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Heba Abou Chakra
Heba Abou Chakra
Female 33 Years
11 years of teaching
Expert in Biology, Dept : Dept of Biology.
Qualification : Masters in Life Science

Masters in Life Science


For more than 10 years, I have been helping students in Biology and Chemistry, and my students' results have continuously improved. I split my lectures into two sections; teaching and questions. I believe students learn fast and better when their questions are correctly answered, and I encourage them to ask whatever is stuck in their minds.

Tutoring Approach

I am very organized and engaged in my approach. All my sessions are tailored according to individual requirements and needs. With a clear mind, detailed discussions, and complete focus, we can tackle the complexities of subjects and learn everything within a few sessions. At the end of all sessions, I ask questions to recall and review important concepts and assign a task for learning.


I took her sessions a month before my end exams, and she made everything easy and clear. If anyone is struggling with chemistry topics, they must join her. She is phenomenal.


Heba used an easy to understand and interesting format to teach Biology. All diagrams and systems are more apparent to me now, and I would highly recommend her and this platform for the best tutors nearby.


I found Heba better than any tutor I have ever read from. She is nice, competent, and I am very confident about my result. It was the best online learning experience.

Female 26 Years
5 years of teaching
Expert in Chemistry, Dept : Dept of Chemistry.
Qualification : MSc in Analytical Chemistry

MSc in Analytical Chemistry


I have been teaching general science subjects, including chemistry, biology, and physics, to students of IB, IGCSE and A-levels. I am teaching at a community college, and after my working hours, I dedicate my teaching passion to tutoring students either through skype or privately at my home.

Tutoring Approach

My focus is mainly on the weak areas of my students so that I can work on them to make their learning grip stronger than before. I make up personalized lesson plans that are based on each student's varying styles to learn, the goals they want to achieve, and the areas they find hard to learn.


She is always open to discussions and very easy to talk to and makes it quite fun to learn from her. She definitely knows how to make each student focus entirely on the lecture.


I hardly ever forget what I learn from her. Her way of teaching is definitely remarkable and i will be hiring her for tutoring sessions even in my college days as well.

Muhammad Touska
Muhammad Touska
Male 32 Years
4 years of teaching
Expert in Math, Dept : Dept of Math.
Qualification : Bachelor of Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering


I loved mathematics growing up. Now I know all the mathematics techniques and helping students who struggle with math concepts is my goal. I have been teaching and tutoring math and English for years. All my students have set records of improving after working with me.

Tutoring Approach

I like to know when the struggling phase of my tutees’ started and where they need the most help. My tutoring approach is revising or clearing the basic concepts before starting working on actual concepts. I also teach English to students of all ages and levels. All lessons and notes are designed according to the needs of kids and background knowledge.


He did a fabulous job clearing all my concepts of trigonometry and algebra. I am excited to learn from him again in future.


My daughter had a great experience with him. Highly recommended.


My sister and I studied A-levels math from him for 4 months, and everything was very clearly explained with examples and details. Our performance and knowledge simultaneously improved, and we couldn’t thank him enough for his hard work and dedication. We’d recommend you as the best tutor.

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