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SAT is a widely used knowledge assessment test. It helps students to get admissions in colleges of their dreams and we help to turn those dreams into realities.

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About The SAT

The scholastic assessment test or more commonly known as the SAT is an exam that is conducted by the college board. As students take their SATs, they are expected to submit their SAT results with the college admission requirements. All colleges and universities have set a different criteria for admission and prioritize different factors like interview, previous school profile, recommendation letter along with scores of SAT.

Even the assessment of the SAT scores differ for each college. A score that is good for one college might not be that up to the mark for another.

What is the SAT exam?

An SAT exam basically assesses a student’s learning skills related to mathematics, writing, and evidence based reading. The testing system is mostly used in educational institutions in Canada and the US. Although other countries take the SATs as well.

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SAT format

The total time duration for the test is 3 hours and 50 minutes. There is an optional essay part in the test and for that part the 50 minute time slot is allotted. Other than this, there are four main parts including reading, writing, mathematics (where you are allowed to use calculator), and again mathematics (where you are not allowed to use calculator)

Time duration during SAT

The total time duration for the test is 3 hours, but that is if you are not doing the essay (optional) part. With that, you are given extra 50 minutes. In all countries where the SAT is conducted, the time duration for the test remains the same. During this time, you are given 154 questions that are in the format of multiple choice questions to be solved. Apart from the essay part, all questions are in this format.

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The score criteria

The scoring in the SAT exam is done in a straightforward manner. With this way, there is no negative marking applied on the answers that are wrong. The total score for the exam with the exception of the essay part is 1600. You can aim and achieve the best SAT score simply with the help of our expert SAT tutors at MTS.

Eligibility criteria

There is no particular set age limit or marking criteria for the students who wish to take the SAT exam. Although the colleges accepting the results of exams have different acceptance criteria.

Fee structure and application

The standard fee structure for the test is $55 but that is for the students from the US. International students have to pay different fee as per their country. The fee can be submitted through paypal, card or with the use of cheque and money order.

Difference between SAT I and SAT II

The key difference between SAT I and SAT II is that with the SAT I, the candidate’s overall knowledge is assessed rather than assessing it topic wise. On the other hand, in SAT II, the topic wise knowledge of the candidate is assessed. SAT I examines knowledge whereas the SAT II examines the logical reasoning of candidates.

How to apply for the SAT exam?

You can either apply online through the official website of the college board or you can follow the conventional method of mail application. Although different terms and conditions work for both procedures.

How to prepare for the SAT exam?

A good result in the SAT exam can polish your future career brightly. If you want to achieve high scores in the test, prepare for it with the help and guidance of expert SAT tutors who know how to attempt the test in the best way possible.

Yes the exam can be rescheduled and it can be canceled as well, but there is a fee of $25 to be paid if you want to do so.

For now, you can not but soon you will be able to take the test online as well. The work is still in progress for the college board to finalize it.

The highest score for the SAT goes up to 1600 whereas the average score comes down to 1068.

The best way to get your SAT result delivered to your college or university is to add the name of the institute to your free four localities that you are asked during registration where the result will be delivered. It is delivered within 10 days for free and you can change the name of insituree within 9 days.

It might take a few weeks before you can check your SAT results. Keep your college board website login credentials secured because you will be needing them to check the result online.

Although it's a choice, we do recommend that you attempt the essay part as well if you have a good grip on your essay writing skills. You can practice as well before the test.

Yes, your SAT scores can be helpful in getting you a scholarship. Many colleges have a certain criteria and if you score above that, you will have chances of obtaining a good scholarship there.

You simply have to visit the MTS SAT tutors on the website and you will find a list of expert SAT tutors there. You can book a session with the one you find better.

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