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In this globalized world, English is everywhere you go. Not just that, English has now become an instrumental part of the recruiting and admission process. You need to know how to speak, read, and write in English if you want your dream job or a position in your dream university. So, if your kid, or you, struggles with English, you are at the right place!

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You can find all kinds of native English home tutors or online tutors in Hong Kong for private study sessions for your kids. Whether you are looking for a primary English tutor or improving your English language listening, speaking, and writing skills, MTS private English tutors have your back! Check the profiles below and find your kid or yourself the highly professional English tutors based in Hong Kong.

Why is English the universal language?

Without any doubt, English is the most spoken language in the universe, which makes it the actual universal language.
Pick any place, and if you know how to communicate in English, you are good to go. It is the most common language to communicate or provide information. For example, the information available on the internet is mostly in English.
Many countries’ official language or their school’s primary language is English; even the information on the internet globally is provided in English. Moreover, it is the most studied and understandable language in the world.

What is the role of English in our education?

In our education system, English plays an essential role. If you can understand, communicate, or write in English, you have a higher chance of succeeding as it is considered a tool to avail yourself of opportunities.
Education sectors focus on English language learning so that their students can communicate globally. Moreover, people with a better understanding and fluency of English are found more confident than others.

What skills do you learn in English class?

English class is all about mastering all four language skills. Never skip a chance to learn from an expert English tutor as they only focus on all skills. Just like all of our English tutors, work on your weak areas and help develop and improve your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

What is the difference between English Literature and the English language?

Both English Language and English Literature are very advanced fields and promise good career opportunities. The main difference between English Literature and the English Language is their nature.

  • The English language’s nature is expressive as it is the form of expression and concerned with discourse.
  • English Literature’s nature is imaginative as it is the collection of expressions or thoughts via language and concerned with life experiences.

What are the benefits of studying English from MTS tutors?

The exciting aspect of choosing MTS as your provider of world-class educational experience is that you get to choose your timetable according to your preferences based on your time and pace.

Every English tutor in Hong Kong at MTS has to pass a rigorous selection process before teaching English in Hong Kong. So, you can be assured that a native English teacher will only mentor your kid. Our teachers cover everything from speaking, writing, grammar, reading, sentence structure, and tenses.

You can find the right English Tutor for your kid according to your needs and preferences easily. Students can talk to a private English tutor or a home English tutor before deciding which medium and teacher suits them the best.

How can I hire an MTS English tutor?

Click on “Get a Trial (Free!)” or try “Private Tutoring” to hire an MTS English tutor.
Our team takes complete responsibility for arranging your one-on-one tutoring session with a tutor that matches your academic needs and suits your availability.

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