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Best Ways to Motivate Your Teen to Learn

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Best Ways to Motivate Your Teen to Learn

Learning in teenage years is of the utmost importance. Subjects like mathematics and science can help in the development of the brain. As a person is faced with a problem in these, or other, subjects they are bound to think about it.

This helps in developing critical thinking skills, as well as problem-solving skills. Teenagers are faster learners than adults. In teenage years, the brain is still in the development stage, and new connections are being made in the nervous system. It is beneficial to make use of the brain as that also helps in development.

As a child enters their teenage years, they undergo a lot of changes. They learn more about the world around them. They feel like they know everything. Children tend to get more rebellious at this stage.

They search for something more from life than just studies. As a parent, it is very important to make sure that your teenage kid gets what is best for them. Nothing is better than education, of course. Although the child may feel like that this is the last thing that they need, it is absolutely not true.

Parents should always motivate their teens to learn and study, as it is very important for the life that is ahead of them. Let us look at some ways for how parents can motivate their teenage children to learn. 

Never Compare

The most important thing that every parent should try to avoid? COMPARING! Comparing your child with someone else’s will not do any good to anyone. Teenagers are already very self-conscious, so comparing them with others their age is a very wrong thing to do.

They might end up losing their self-confidence and, as a result, their progress will be hindered. Comparing teenagers with each other, also gives birth to rivalries and fights. Due to this, your kid will lose focus in their studies. They will indulge in activities to bring the other person down. 

Listen to Them

Always listen to what your kid has to say. No matter what their age is, or whether you understand what they are saying or not, listening to your teenager is one of the best things you can do for them. Having an open relationship with your child will help you understand them much better.

Always ask how their day went, what they learned, any fights they had, or even what they had for lunch. Tell them about your day too. Doing these little things foster a relationship with open communication.By listening to their day-to-day routine, you can understand the problems they are facing. It can also help detect if they are feeling demotivated. As a parent, you can always guide them in the right direction.

Celebrating Achievements

Celebrating achievements, no matter how small, will make your kid very happy. From scoring well in a class test, to getting an A grade in final exams, celebrating with your teenager will motivate them for the future.

Celebration does not mean throwing a party and inviting lots of people, it can be something as small as gifting them something they have been wanting for a while, or cooking their favorite meal, or going out somewhere. The promise of a reward, even just a little reward like a pat on the back, will keep them motivated to perform well. 

Break Down the Goals

Try to keep short term and achievable goals. Long term goals can be broken down into several short term goals. For example, if the goal is to get an A in calculus, it can be broken down into several goals.

You can divide it into getting a good score in the chapter 1 quiz, then the chapter 2 quiz, and so on and so forth. This will make it easier for them to accomplish their goals, and accomplishing these more short term goals will keep their spirits high. 

Focus on the Bigger Picture

Help your child realize the importance of education. Teach them how big an impact doing well in school can have on their lives. Let them know how it will shape their thinking process, their morals and ethics, and the person they wish to become.

Educate them on the importance of education in the field they are planning to pursue in the future. Give them role models to look up to, better yet, be their role model yourself. 


While following our tips, make sure that you do not burden your child with your expectations. Let them have their own personal space. Getting bad grades is completely fine mistakes are a part of the learning process. What matters is that they learn from these mistakes, and do their best not to repeat them. Make sure that your child knows that it is okay to get help from others, and that doing so does not make them weak, or any less intelligent. Not every student can get the highest score in a test. Being an average student is just fine, what’s important is that they perform to their full potential, and always do their best. 

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