A Short Letter to My Favorite Teacher

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A short letter to my favorite teacher
This is a letter to my teacher, who proved to be the source of light in the darkness for me!


During your school life, you get to study with different teachers. Some leave a very good impression on you, while some don't. I have had very different experiences with all my teachers, but I had undoubtedly the best learning experience. With you, studying never felt like a burden or duty that I had to do in any case. You taught me more than just math.

My first impression of you.

When you first came into the class, I thought you were one of those strict teachers who don't ever talk nicely with their students. With this impression, I tried to stay very quiet in your class, and even when I had a question, I would stay quiet, but this was only for one or two days until I got to know that my impression of you was actually a bit wrong.
 I was wrong because I think I was too quick to judge your teaching style. Within a matter of days, you had made me confident enough to know that if I ever have a problem, I can come to you for guidance. 
This was enough for me to know that I have a teacher on who I can rely. I actually used to be excited when it was your lecture I was going to attend. It was a different kind of a relief because the way you taught, I either understood everything easily or even if I didn't understand, you would help me in understanding it. 

Your scolding helped me.

There were times you were pretty strict with me and asked me to stand up when I would do something mischievous during your lecture. In the beginning, I really thought that you just liked to make me stand up and try to discipline me with a strict tone.
However, with time, I understood you, and likewise, you understood me. I used to run away from math because I was never taught math in such a way that I would understand the subject.
 When I started focusing on your lecture after you started to scold me to be serious in the class, I actually started to take an interest in the class. You have developed an interest in math in me on such a level that I used to be curious while solving the problems. I would sometimes even come to you after a lecture if I was having trouble with a problem. You never asked me not to come to you after the class had ended or scolded me for asking the question twice, even after you had cleared it for the whole class. 

You made math interesting…

This was the main point when you became my favorite teacher. If someone could have awakened my interest in math in me, it could have been just you. The best thing about you is that even with the discipline you maintain in your class, you are still always there to help your students like a friend whenever they come up to you.
 During the parent-teacher conference, you said to my parents that I was one of your favorite students; at that moment, I knew that teachers could have such a huge influence on you. If they choose to use this influence for the betterment of their students, nothing can be so good as this for the student. 
This was the influence I considered you have on me. You motivate me to bring out the best version of myself and to work more on the areas that require more attention. Wherever you corrected me or told me that I solved a problem wrong, it never felt like an insult or embarrassment because I knew you wouldn't just scream at me; instead, you would help me find where I did something wrong and what I needed to do in order to fix it.

Inspiration for all…

I know that it was not only me who learned a lot from your lectures. Many others like me are still influenced by the way you have taught us. Not all teachers are there to help you shape your future, but you sure were. You were there with me on every single step I took. I know that I have a mentor to tell me what way is right for me and what it is. The way you were always ready to tell me about what I was doing right or wrong was definitely a great helping factor for me. 

You believed in me.

I still remember the day you told me that you believed in my abilities and how I would succeed only if I was attentive enough. Well, they struck me and stood by me. From that day onwards, I was determined to be the best version of myself. I had hope. Hope that no one ever gave me. You enabled me to have faith in myself and to believe. 
This is what made you different and, for me, the best teacher I have ever had. I felt happy that a teacher like you believed that I could do better. 
I will always look up to you, not just because you told me that I could do better, but because you made me believe it and helped me move forward to actually work on myself. You have always been a great source of motivation for me, and I will always be in debt for how you helped me at every step of my life. Whenever I felt like there was something that I was unable to fix, just like a math problem, I knew who needed to go to and who would help me combat the situation. 
I would like to end this with a big thank you and much gratitude that was probably due for a long time. Actually, from the day you came into the class to take your first lecture. You did not only make math easier and bearable for me, but your lecture also had an impact on my life overall. You were there to help me when I was struggling to get a grip on my maths concepts and even when I failed to see a bright future for myself.
 When I was in doubt either about math or life, you were always there to be the light I needed to find the pathway in the dark. Thank you for the constant support and guidance that you offer me and all the rest of the students you teach. You are definitely an inspiration for all of us.
Even when I leave school, I will remember you as the teacher who helped me feel like part of the community. I was present even when I did not feel like I would be able to perform well.
You have always proved that you are a teacher, friend, mentor, and everything a student want. What I am today is mainly because of how much you taught me and the way you gave me the time I needed from your life and lectures because you knew I wanted to learn from you.
I just want to say Thank you for being all this for me!
Your student who looks up to you!

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