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The 22 Best Gifts for Teachers 2022

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The 22 Best Gifts for Teachers 2022

Whether you are looking for a thank you gift for your teacher or just a little something at the end of term as a token of appreciation for all the hard work; then this post is for you. Read along as the best gifts are indeed not coffee mugs. A teacher gets countless mugs throughout the year. However, when you are thinking of giving something memorable. Give them only kind words of appreciation but definitely not a mug.

We have gathered some witty ideas about the best gifts for teachers that your teachers would actually want to have.

Why Teachers Deserve Appreciation?

Even if it’s not teachers’ day, you can still take some time out to appreciate the efforts of your mentors. Teachers appreciation day is celebrated worldwide to honour them because students usually tend to ignore the fact that how much hard work their teachers put in their students. The teachers work immensely hard and care for their students a lot, they invest their time and energy in them and watching them reach various milestones is a proud moment for the teacher. They do not express how they feel about their students’ progress, but it means a lot to them.

However, according to a statistic, a study reveals how 94% of the teachers have to spend from their own pocket to maintain their students’ learning and educational needs. Teachers work throughout the year and perform various academic tasks for their students’ benefits, although most of the work goes unrecognized. There is no denying that no profession would come into existence without the teacher’s efforts. A teacher teaches you to read and write, think critically and be a better human.

Why Teachers Deserve Appreciation

There shouldn’t be any specific time to thank your teachers. In fact, if you are reading this post, thank them now and make them feel special. Are you looking to gift your private tutor in Hong Kong or elsewhere? Do not worry as we are here to help.

Now we will see what some of the best teacher appreciation gifts you can gift your teacher.

1. The Most Spoken Catchphrase

Almost every teacher has a catchphrase. You can write them all down and make a cute handwritten note mentioning all of them. Talk about how much you appreciate their teaching style and how their mentorship has helped you grow. This unique idea is sure to make them feel exceptional and more motivated about their work. It will definitely inspire them to put in more effort for their students. You can also add a fun looking cartoon-like picture of them with a dialogue box saying the catchphrases.

The Most Spoken Catchphrase

2. Themed Stationery

Many teachers like to have unique stationery items, but they do not want to spend on themselves. You can give them themed stationery items for their desk or any supplies that can be useful for them. School supplies always come in handy. Teachers are always in need of dry erase markers, sticky notes, pens etc. You can also choose personalized stationery for them.

Themed Stationery

3. A Gift Card

The simplest of all could be a gift card for your teacher from Amazon, iTunes, or Target. It always proves to be a convenient gift option. You can choose this option even at the last minute, so if you have been busy and couldn’t opt for anything better. A gift card could always be the best thing you could give your teacher.

A Gift Card

4. Personalized Candles

You can also express your gratitude and appreciation towards your teacher by giving them a personalized candle. Get their name imprinted on it, along with an inspirational quote. Teachers tend to like such gifts that are not high in economic value. They say such gifts remind them to stay motivated.

Personalized Candles
White candles on the table

5. It Can Be a Movie Ticket Too

Sometimes a teacher needs to be reminded to take some time off of their hectic jobs and routines. A movie ticket can be a great idea as it will give them some time to relax and unwind. However, you can be a little creative to present it to your teacher. Putting it in an envelope can be tedious. You can come up with better ideas. Make it fun and exciting by putting it in a popcorn cup that you can buy at a dollar store. Perfect. Just try to stuff some papers at the bottom of the popcorn cup, and later you can wrap it up with a cute transparent sheet. Voila! The best gift ever…

It Can Be a Movie Ticket Too

6. A Planner or a Thoughtful Book

You can give your teacher a customizable planner for the upcoming or the same year. You can choose the layout and also the cover yourself. If you are familiar with your teachers’ likes and dislikes, you can also gift them a thoughtful book that can inspire them.

A Planner or a Thoughtful Book

7. Maybe a Cute USB

Sometimes, little things can bring a lot of happiness and smiles when you see them. You can gift your teacher a USB to save their data, wrapped in cute tiny packaging. Sure to bring them a smile on their face whenever they look at it.

Maybe a Cute USB

8. Personalized Keychain

Another great personalized teacher’s gift would be a keychain. You can get your teacher’s name engraved upon it or even get their photo imprinted. Such small gifts are always remembered and are valued. You can choose a unique design that they would love to carry with them.

Personalized Keychain

9. Jar Filled with Gums

You can fill a jar with gums of their choice in bulk, and put them in a pretty jar and gift it to them. If your teacher is habitual of chewing gum, they would love and appreciate your idea. Definitely not an expensive gift idea, but it would still mean a lot to your teacher.

Jar Filled with Gums

10. Wine Bottle

Another thank-you gift for the teacher could be a bottle of wine. Wine always works.Wine always works. Even if your teacher does not drink alcohol, they can reuse it as a gift. It doesn’t need to be an expensive one. You can go budget-friendly on wine. Besides, wine always works, so yeah, why not? You can also add personalized labels to the wine bottle upon request. So, be creative and genuine.

Wine Bottle

11. Tote Bag

Teachers always end up carrying a lot of stuff around the school, to their car and eventually to their homes. So at the end of the day, a strong tote bag can be proved very useful for them. Another fantastic thing could be a tote bag with an excellent quote or a funny picture printed on it. A tote bag would make the best gift as it makes it easier for them to carry all the notebooks, stationery or even their lunch box around. You can find a variety of designs to choose from. Just choose wisely.

Tote Bag

12. Toolkit

Totally random, but yeah extremely useful and cool gift for teachers. Especially male teachers would love the idea of a tool kit as they are always fond of such things. They can use it for minor fixings around the classroom or at home. A toolkit would make a significant gift and make your teacher feel special.


13. Personal Laminator

Another great helpful thing you can gift your teacher could be a personal laminator. Especially if you are looking for gifts for kindergarten teachers, a personal laminator can be extremely handy with small children around. If they already have access to a laminator at work, maybe they can keep them at home for the tasks they take home with them.

Personal Laminator

14. An Office Chair

If you can get the class to pool in some money and give a combined gift to your teacher, then a comfortable office chair in their favourite colour can be a fantastic idea. It can be a teachers day gift idea or something you can gift your teacher any time of the year. Needless to say that you are sure to surprise them with something so thoughtful. Just do not forget to watch your teachers’ expressions when you surprise them.

An Office Chair

15. Starbucks Can Never go Wrong

You can give your teacher a Starbucks gift card, so they can have their favourite coffee or pastries whenever they want to. It can be a heart-warming virtual teacher gift idea as well. Something that your virtual teacher can appreciate and receive with joy as there are limited gifts that you can gift your virtual teacher, but this one can be the best gift for teachers. You can email it to them or even send the gift card via iMessage.

Starbucks Can Never go Wrong

16. Gift Card for a Spa Day or a Nice Car Wash

There are plenty of gift ideas for kindergarten teachers as they spend most of their day running around little kids. A spa day gift certificate can be the best thing a teacher can receive. It will provide them with a chance to unwind after a hectic day at work, and they are sure to thank you. Or another meaningful gift could be an excellent car wash which they will undoubtedly appreciate.

Gift Card for a Spa Day or a Nice Car Wash

17. Custom Made Frame

You can gift your teacher a custom-made frame that they can hang in their classroom, thanking them for all their efforts that they have put in you. It can be the most motivating gift a teacher can get. You can absolutely go for a note as well, but a frame stays forever. They can look at them during their hard times and feel energetic again. Sometimes, a little reminder or an appreciation note is all we need in life to make it through.

Custom Made Frame

18. Mason Jar full of Notes

How about the whole class write down little appreciation notes for the teacher, fill them in a jar and give it to them? You can collectively give this fantastic gift to your teacher and make the whole class join you in this venture. Needless to say, it can be an immensely thoughtful thank you gift for teacher.

Mason Jar full of Notes

19. Cute Little Basket

If you have known your teacher for a while, you must be familiar with their likes and dislikes. Just gather some meaningful stuff, not necessarily expensive stuff. But it can be stationary or back-to-school supplies for your teacher with a few chocolates here and there nicely packed. Just do not forget to add a personalized note saying how much you value and respect your teacher’s efforts. Something incredible for them to remember forever. 

Cute Little Basket

20. Surprise them in their Lunch Break

Order their favourite pepperoni pizza in their free time, so they can be surprised at how you chose their favourite food to surprise them. It can mean a lot to a teacher, although pizza is not a big deal otherwise, but it would surely mean a lot when you surprise them at their lunchtime.

Surprise them in their Lunch Break

21. Planter

You can order a planter and gift it to your teacher to put it on their desk. It can be the best gift for teachers as it is very thoughtful and totally thrilling. Indeed, another creative way to thank your teacher. Just do not forget to include an appreciation note.


22. Echo Dot

If your teacher is tech-savvy, an echo dot can be a great gift idea as it will work as an assistant to the teacher in the classroom. An echo dot can help the teacher translate, spell, or set timers. It can do so much more, just like a helper. In the spare time, it can keep the students and teachers both engaged. Teachers can play jokes or stories for kids on the echo dot. It can be a great addition to the classroom that your teacher is going to cherish. You can get the whole class to pool in money and give it to your teacher as an appreciation gift.

Echo Dot

Bottom Line:

Teacher’s care about their students more than they realize, a teacher feels honoured when he/she watches their students learn and grow. Watching their students accomplish different goals make them feel their hard work has paid off. It’s not about gifts, in the end, that matter, but a little show of appreciation towards the teacher is all that counts.

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