What Will Happen if the Moon Disappears?

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What Will Happen If The Moon Disappears

The moon is the most important and mesmerizing thing in our world; it is an inspiration for poets and a source of bright and shining light for us. We see the moon daily and feel like it is a part of our world and lives. However, have you ever wondered what will happen if our shining moon suddenly disappears one day? What, you can’t even imagine this, right? Same.

Still, we did some research and found out that the moon has its own special purpose being in the world and sky. Losing the moon, even for one day, means we are losing something very precious and essential for pur survival. If it disappears one day, we are all doomed. Want to know how? Keep Reading!

Some Facts About Moon

The moon is not just an object in the sky that gives us light. In fact, it is the fifth-largest moon out of all the 200 moons in our solar system. Galileo Galilei, an astronomer, named the moon the only natural satellite of the Earth. He also discovered that the moon came into being after a large collision between the Earth and another huge object. Also, the moon is almost 2,40,000 miles far from our Earth, and it is full of craters. However, it is still the closest object and planet to the Earth.

What Is The Purpose Of The Moon?

If you think that the purpose of the moon is just giving us a mesmerizing bright light, you are wrong. It has countless other beneficial purposes on which human life and the existence of this world depend. Do you want to know what the moon does exactly? Read on!

1. Stability

If you are standing on the ground right now without losing your balance, it is because of the moon. The moon is the only thing that helps the Earth to maintain its stability. Also, it is the moon that makes the Earth an ideal place for living.

2. Helps The Coastal Ecosystem

The moon has a direct impact on tides, and that is how it helps the coastal ecosystem to live and thrive. If our beloved moon disappears, the tides in our oceans will become smaller. When this will happen, the water organisms of this world like mussels, crabs, snails, and starfishes will suffer the most. Why? Because they only survive on tides. Eventually, this imbalance in the coastal ecosystem will disturb the food chain of this world, which can further lead to extinction.

3. Regulate Global Temperature

Since we know that the moon impacts the oceans; this fact can also regulate the global temperature of this planet. Do you see the normal climatic conditions of this world? They are because of the moon. If our moon disappears, the climate and temperatures in this world would become too high or too low to survive. In short, the moon is extremely important for the survival of humans.

4. Survival Of Species

If the moon disappears one day, all the animals on this planet will suffer the most. As humans, we go out for groceries, make food, or dine out to feed ourselves. However, animals like lions, tigers, cats, and wolves have to hunt and prey to survive and feed themselves. And guess what? They can do this hunting and prey only at night time with the help of the light of the moon. If the moon disappears, they will be unable to hunt for food, and then we will witness the extinction of animals and other species who hunt and prey.

5. Seasonal Changes

Right now, we enjoy 4 seasons on our planet Earth; Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Do you know how we have this variation of seasons and climates? Because of the moon! It provides the Earth with gravitational force, and this force is responsible for keeping the earth in a tilted position. This tilt is responsible for stabilizing the climate of this planet, and that is why we have all these seasons. If the moon disappears, even for an hour, our Earth will lose its tilt; and guess what? Our planet will have no seasons at all! In another scenario, the tilt can be too large and this world will go into the ice age.

6. Losing A Wealth Of Information

Lastly, losing the moon would mean our future generations will lose a wealth of information and studies. If the moon disappears, we would have no old rocks left to study. Moon is like a museum and an ancient piece to us, that tells us stories of previous billions of years. Also, the moon tells us what our solar system and Earth looked like before, and how much they have changed.

Final Words

Now that you have gone through the entire post, we are sure you understand how important the moon is for our planet. If the moon disappears, just for one day, our planet will go through so many changes; not in a nice or pleasant way.

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